“Sex Happens”: Granger urges better management in school system

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]–Commenting on the sexual video involving four school age Guyanese youths, Opposition Leader David Granger says while “sex happens” there is a need for higher level of sex education and better management within the school system.

Earlier this week, a video showing two girls and two boys from a popular city school involved in oral sex went viral on social media and even made its way onto the front page of the state newspaper – the Guyana Chronicle.

Granger believes it is a multifaceted problem and as such a multi-faceted approach is needed in addressing it.

“Boys and girls reaching the age of puberty experience changes in their bodies and it is predictable at that age group to have heightened interest in others sex,” Granger told a news conference today, Friday, October 10.

It is against this backdrop that the Opposition Leader reasoned that the onus was therefore on the Ministry of Education in ensuring that the sexual energy of students are not allowed to interfere with or jeopardize their studies.

“Handling of the case must go back to responsibility of Ministry of Education to conduct better education and better management to prevent such activities on school premises,” he added.

Granger chastised the Guyana Chronicle; saying the daily stooped to “gutter journalism” and exploited the behaviour of minors when it published the image of the students on its front page.

“They are children, not adults and it is unacceptable that any media house more the state media would descend to that level,” he lamented; adding that what has happened now stands to jeopardize the careers and self-esteem of those involved.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand
Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, had also censured the State Newspaper for publishing the photos. The Guyana Chronicle has since issued an apology.

She noted that the Ministry is still investigating the video.

“We must as a nation (home, school, community,) address how we will engage with our children in this new world, this new Guyana where information technology presents all the exciting opportunities that we wish to make available to our young people while at the same time exposing them to such risk. We can no longer shirk our collective responsibility and bury our heads in the sand. We will have to talk to them about, inter alia, sex, about sex and the use of the computer, about sex and the use of the cell phone, about sex and Facebook, about sex… we will have to engage them as parents and as schools, as churches and temples and mosques.”

The police are also in possession of the video. It is not clear as to what course of action the Police Force intends to take.


  1. Our black leaders has to do more to bring about a just society.
    Bullyism and backwardness must be put down.
    Many of these ‘holier than thou’ should be seen and not heard.
    Now please tell me ‘how can sex happens’?
    I know accident happens like the broken koker door and high tides by act of God.
    Bizarre, just bizarre.

  2. jon…wen talking to granger dem dont mention “parents” say child mother childre father and those things and they will understand but they dont understand the word parents

  3. Mr Granger, whats wrong with you Sir?
    The school system are not babysitters.
    The educators are their to educate students in reading, riting and riffmatic!
    The parents are supposed to take them to church and the preacher will teach them good morals.
    I did not see the video and absolutely do not want to see such a sick display.
    Not one time you blame the parents, and that is the education which Guyanese lacks.
    The father is not at home or is somewhere else trying to get someone else pregnant.
    These kids are not virgins and seems to have ‘experience’.
    At four of five these kids should be in a religious institution and taught the value of their bodies.
    Forget about ‘heighten interest of the other sex’, that is the wrong answer Sir!
    This education will leave kids pregnant.
    These kids should be sacked from this school as the damage is done. To leave them there is to set a bad precident and encourage other kids to follow.

  4. buggered boy..no political miles in it for red thred..school kids sex tape..no political miles in it for red thred coz the education minisrty beat red shred to de punch…red shred still counting the loot the US gee dem..dem figuring out how much to hand over to grunger and pnc coz them all know pnc cant be trusted with money..green-age would love to put he paws on sum ah dat money de US hand over to red shred..green-age as finance minister in name only hungry bad fuh money yeh..


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