Several injured in collision on the East Bank public road


By Ramona Luthi

img_20161203_081827A bus load of persons are presently being treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (DDC) after a truck slammed into the minibus they were travelling in, in front of Rum Shop Street, Herstelling, East Bank Demerara.

When Inews arrived at the scene, the truck had been towed away and police was preparing to have the minibus, which was completely mangled, removed from the scene. A lamp post which was situated in the middle of the median separating the two sides of the road was seen leaning.

Eyewitnesses relayed to Inews that the minibus, BTT 8079 had stopped to pick up passengers at the bus stop in front of Rum Shop Street. However, as the driver of the mini-bus was “pulling out into traffic” to resume its journey to Georgetown, a sand truck collided into it.

Inews understands that based on the speed that the sand truck was travelling at, it was impossible for him to stop in time, and so due to the impact, the minibus was pushed over 20 feet away from where it was, until it slammed into the lamp post at the median.

According to ranks at the scene, no one was killed, though many were injured.  However, speculations are that one elderly woman might lose her leg, since eyewitnesses relayed that “it was hanging by nerves alone.”

img_20161203_080903The driver of the mini-bus reportedly lost a finger.

Reports indicate that a passerby assisted the injured passengers into his canter and transported them to the medical facility.

Thankfully, no children were reported to have been in the public transportation at the time.

While eyewitnesses told this online publication that the driver of the minibus ran away from the scene, an Officer contended that “we have him in custody, he is at the station in handcuffs.”

The driver of the sand truck is also in custody. Investigations are ongoing.

Photos compliments of Niaz Ally:




Attached below is also a video of the accident:


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