Several businesses caught stealing electricity – on Essequibo Coast


 The Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) has reportedly seized a number of meters from businesses across the Essequibo Coast, after an inspection team unearthed a massive electricity theft ongoing in the region.

Several businesses including popular restaurants, liquor shops and supermarkets are out of electricity after the power company’s officers swooped down on the region, as GPL continues its fight against electricity theft.

According to a report in the Guyana Times, the team visited Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) on Monday and conducted inspections on several businesses and household. Several proprietors were caught tampering with their meters in an effort to steal electricity.
It is understood that the meters that were suspected to have been tampered with to reflect a lower reading of electricity than that which was actually consumed,  were removed.  A source close to the investigation reveal that the businesses will have to pay GPL millions of dollars in revenues lost or face the court for this infringement.



  1. Several businesses caught stealing electricity – on Essequibo Coast
    PPP as I sad before had no belly no guts to stamp out electricity theft..
    I tell you what– even though they pay 5 $ for it in Linden they steal it big time –thats how greedy they are in Linden..most PNC strongholds villages thief electricity like it was going out of style but PPP had no guts no belly to go in there to wipe it out and bring thieves to trial..what PPP in fact did was support Linden getting almost free..PPP never had brains to hire specila security forces to go into the PNC dens to get the thieves..PPP never learned from the time they asked Police and GDF to go into Buxton to get the Buxton base criminals killers..they found no one and found no weapons..


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