Serious crimes under control in Police ‘A’ Division – Hicken


Although there have been many reports of serious crimes being committed across Guyana since the start of the year, the Commander of  Police ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken has assured that crime is “under control” in his Division. 

Clifton Hicken
Clifton Hicken

He told INews today that if a comparative analysis were to be done from ‘year to date’ the ‘A’ Division had recorded that it is approximately at least below 13 per cent in terms of serious crimes being committed.

 “It is good; it is always good to have a minus. Anything in the minus is always good…and if we have a minus 13 thus far that is good,” he stated.

 Commander Hicken posited that the police officers in his Division are continuing to work assiduously in ensuring that its citizens are kept safe and that in cases where reports are made that justice is served.


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  2. Serious crimes under control in Police ‘A’ Division – Hicken
    Demand the media stop printing crimes.
    When PPP was in power SN was called the crime rag news media.
    PNC in power now and it would appear SN people became church people and gospel tellers. Both SN and KN first five to six headers on a daily basis used to be on crimes. Their reporters used to stalk police station and hospitals.The past ten months of so those two media house became media mouse. The are so afraid of PNC for they know only too well what PNC is capable of.


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