Sergeant, 2 Detectives arrested for allegedly stealing, selling confiscated drugs

Parcels of dried cannabis. [File Photo]

Three ranks, a Sergeant and two Detectives attached to the Fort Wellington Police Station are now under close arrest after they reportedly stole and sold a large quantity of drugs which was intercepted last week in an abandoned car at the Number Six Public Road, West Coast Berbice (WCB).

According to reports received, surveillance footage indicated that the officers who arrived on the scene may have removed a quantity of the illegal drugs before taking pictures.

The surveillance footage from a business place was reviewed by the police after concerns were raised about the first part of the booty being missing.

Investigators said that a portion of drugs were sold to a dealer on the Corentyne.

A photo taken of the some of the drugs found in the implicated vehicle

It was previously reported, that a car driver of the implicated vehicle fled the scene after the car he was driving crashed into the rear of another vehicle.

The police ranks upon checking the 212 motorcar unearthed the large quantity of marijuana found wrapped with black plastic bags and placed on the back seat of the car.

Police had stated that they were on the hunt for the driver.

Investigations are still ongoing.



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