Sentencing looms for man found guilty of raping child


Twenty five-year-old Rowland Sam was on Monday afternoon found guilty of raping a girl who was just seven years old at the time of act.

He was charged with rape of a child under sixteen and he plead not-guilty when the State presented the indictment at the Sexual Offences Court last week.

The prosecution’s case stated that he sexually penetrated the young child sometime in the month of January 2015 when Sam was 22 years old.

The jury returned its 10-2 majority verdict after some deliberation but Sam had little reaction after the jury foreperson announced the decision.

Presiding judge, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry delayed sentencing to September 5, 2018 after Sam’s attorney Clyde Forde requested a probation report be prepared for his client.

State Counsels Lisa Cave and Orinthia Schmidt prosecuted the case after a few days of trial. 



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