Sentencing for convicted rapist further deferred


As 24-year-old Travis Evans also known as “Short Boss” remains on remand for the murders of 46-year-old Gregory “Wayne” Frank and 21-year-old Ronsley Clarke, he was expected to be sentenced for charges of rape and armed robbery after pleading guilty to them on December 9, 2019.

The scheduled date for his sentencing was set for late December but this was further deferred to January 6, 2020 before Justice Simone Morris Ramlall.

Convicted: Travis Evans

“Short Boss” pleaded guilty to the indictment which stated that on October 30, 2010, in the county of Demerara, whilst being armed with a dangerous weapon, he robbed Marlyn Kisson.

The second charge read that during the said period, he engaged in sexual penetration with a woman without her consent.

Evans was charged for both offences alongside John Sampson and Alex Williams after being on the run for several years. Both Clarke and Frank murders reportedly took place in August of 2018.

It was reported that Frank’s body was discovered days after his demise, lying in his Kuru Kururu, Linden-Soesdyke Highway home with visible head injuries.

His entire home was ransacked which indicated that he was killed during a robbery.

On the other hand, Clarke was reportedly shot twice to his body by Evans in full view of his friends. The murder occurred in Sophia while the deceased and his girlfriend were at a party.