Senior GPHC department head demoted


…director resigns fearing demotion

A senior Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Head of Department was allegedly removed within the course of the past weeks, causing much tension at the medical institution.

A source at the public medical facility told <<<Inews>>> on Saturday that there seemed to be an ongoing purging of senior management.

Attention was pointed to the recent demotion of Dr Sheik Amir, who was the Director of Medical and Professional Services. Dr Amir, who has served the Corporation for over 19 years, is a decorated surgeon. The reasons behind his demotion are unclear.

Attempts to contact him for a comment proved futile. Dr Amir’s post was given to an orthopaedic surgeon, who spends approximately one-third of the year on missions in Belize. It is unclear at this time how this will affect the operations of the Medical and Professional Services Division.

Dr Amir’s demotion comes weeks after former Director of Facilities, Andy Mahadeo resigned. A source close to Mahadeo confirmed that the director was pressured into resigning after being threatened with demotion.

He served the Corporation for nearly five years in managerial posts and has both a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree.
Information emerging from the Hospital is that the departments were reportedly taken over by four individuals.

Meanwhile, State Minister, Joseph Harmon had announced that a new Board for the GPHC was installed with Kesaundra Alves continuing as the Chairperson.

The other members included Dr Holly Alexander, Colette Adams, Sonya Roopnauth, Cleopatra Barkoye and Kemton Alexander. However, Alexander was later replaced by First Vice President of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), Dawn Gardner.

Members of the Board of Directors are appointed to serve for one year.


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