Security to be heightened at Nations as shot Director sets record straight

Brian O'Toole
Director of Nations, Dr Brian O’Toole

In light of several varying articles being published regarding the shooting incident targeting Director of Nations University, Dr Brian O’Toole, the compassionate educator on Monday released a statement to the “members of the Nations’ Community” relaying exactly what transpired.

“I wanted to share this update as inevitably a lot of things are being said. I am in the hospital, very well treated by the staff and getting the best possible treatment…We would simply ask you to only follow the official announcements from Nations as already I have heard a number of inaccurate reports on social media,” he said in the letter to his staff and students.

O’Toole related that there three bullets fired at him and he was struck by two.

“One did minor damage on the right arm and the other was more serious on the left where the bone was badly damaged. I am getting better and will likely be in the hospital for a few days.”

He asserted that the process of reflecting on the security at Nations has recommenced while expressing sincere gratitude to those who turned out to participate in the impromptu meeting last evening.

Dr O’Toole also noted that another meeting was planned today at Nations to share some of the decisions and actions that have already been taken.

Police have reported that last evening, at about 21:45h, O’Toole was shot at three times as he was about to close the front door of his Bel Air, Prashad Nagar home.

“Upon opening the front door which is located to the northern side of the building facing the western direction, the victim was approached by a male who who pointed a gun at him and discharged three rounds, two of which hit (him) on both of his forearms,” police said.

O’Toole’s wife reportedly heard the shots and upon discovering her bleeding husband, rushed him to a private hospital.

Meanwhile, parents of students attending the School of Nations on New Market Street, Georgetown are now fearful of their children’s security at the institution, in wake of the recent shooting and the constant anonymous threats posted on social media.

These distresses were clearly voiced during an engagement with the school’s administration on Monday, as questions mounted about the level of security which has been adapted in the recent days.

Chief Executive Officer of School of Nations, Dr Dexter Phillips would have expressed that they are installing additional security cameras at blind spots along with an increased security presence at the entrances.

It was notified that the administration took a decision to resume classes as per normal today with assistance of the Guyana Police Force for increased support.

Moreover, it was explained that random bag checks will be made upon entering the school and vehicles will no longer be allowed in the premises.

“We did a sweep of the campus…We have also increased security presence. In the coming days, we would continue to discuss more permanent measures with security and more security cameras will be installed. We have also requested some police presence and when school resumes, we should have two or three police on campus and in the street,” said Phillips.


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