Security is top priority for Guyana’s 50th jubilee celebrations


Ensuring the security of the thousands of persons expected to attend events for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebration in May this year is a top priority for the organisers.

In an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) Chairperson for the Golden Jubilee celebrations, Bobby Vieira, explained that apart from patrons, all other persons whether artistes, vendors or support staff, would have to be accredited.

Bobby Vieira
Bobby Vieira

“We’re going to introduce security to a level where the only way you could attend the festival, with a need to be involved; except being a patron, is that you must be accredited,” Vieira said.

According to Vieira, persons can apply online for accreditation. “We’re asking that everyone be accredited. So you literally have to go on our website and fill an accreditation form, an application form. Then you send a picture and you’re accredited, and you receive a badge …that badge will show which area is designated,” Vieira explained.

He said that the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force and all the other Joint Services would be involved in providing security.”

Despite the heavy security arrangements, Vieira does not anticipate any issues or blockages when it comes to executing a successful festival.

A number of Heads of State and representatives of foreign governments are expected to attend the celebration.

Guyana’s Golden Jubilee week of celebration starts on May 19 and ends on May 26. It will showcase the country’s development, history and talents.



  1. Security is top priority for Guyana’s 50th jubilee celebrations.
    wow …one big slap in the face of everyday guyanese..
    look out now pnc might charge guyanese a fee like how they charging for kite flying for attending lol


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