Security guards attacked, robbed while making night deposit


Two security guards attached to  a private security company were attacked and robbed last night as they were about to make a night deposit at a bank at Le Ressouvenir, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

robbery1According to a police statement issued today, about 20:00h. on Monday, May 23, 2016, Cleveland Pyle, 22 years, and Damion Pearce, 24 years, security guards attached to a private security service, were making a night deposit  when they were attacked by a man armed with a firearm.

The perpetrator shot Pearce to his left foot and took away the night deposit bag which contained an undisclosed sum of cash that had been collected from business places, and two .32 revolvers with 10 rounds and escaped in a motor car driven by an accomplice.

Pearce has been admitted to hospital, as the investigations continue.



  1. If you see a vehicle parked. First thing try to get the number and a description forward this information to the Police and your office. These are the times we living in we have to be proactive. Who knows this might be an inside job. Security should not be on their phones on their way to the bank.

  2. This is all BS cant you ppl see that this is a set up–shot Pearce to his left foot –these scums should be shot for real —when will this nonsense stop- NEVER unless the eye for an eye theory comes into to play..


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