Security Guard arrested over multimillion-dollar robbery at gold business in Kitty

CCTV footage of the bandits executing the robbery

A security guard attached to the Wallison Enterprise has been arrested in relation to a multimillion-dollar robbery which occurred at its Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown location today.

The daring daylight robbery was executed by three armed men at around 10:05hrs.

Among the stolen items are $38M in cash and sixty ounces of raw gold valued some $20M.

Police said the three suspects arrived in a white car and they entered the compound through the main gate after indicating to the security guard that they had gold to sell.

The suspects then entered the waiting area where they spoke to the female cashier and showed her a small package which they claimed contained gold to sell.

The business establishment at Gordon Street, Kitty

Immediately after, they drew their firearms and pointed the weapons at the woman after which, they ordered her and into an office where the money and gold were secured.

At the time, another employee and a man were in the office and they were also held at gunpoint.

The suspects then ordered the victims to open the two metal safes. The victims were then handcuffed with plastic straps and their cellphones were taken away.

After collecting the valuables, the bandits locked the victims in the office and made good their escape.

The victims managed to set themselves free, after which, the cashier raised an alarm and the security officer went to their rescue.

Police said the security guard was, nevertheless, arrested as investigations continue.