Second 5.9 magnitude quake hits Venezuela, CDC confirms another tremor felt locally


A 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck neighbouring Venezuela and is the second to rock the country in 24 hours.

This also resulted in Guyana experiencing another tremor on Friday.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) said it has not received any report of damage or injury locally.

The 24-hour Emergency Response Centre remains on standby.

Meanwhile, residents of Linden were still discussing Tuesday’s tremor as the other was felt at approximately 09:45h on Friday which is said to have lasted for a minute.

According to a resident, it was not as long and impacting as Tuesday’s episode.

“I was standing in my kitchen when I felt another trembling, I said, wait again,” Joy James said.

Also relating her experience, a resident of Lamaha Gardens told the Department of Public Information that she was still in bed when the tremor was felt, noting that it was not a noticeable as Tuesday’s, however she did not hesitate to take necessary precautions.

Approximately 17:30h on Tuesday, Joy James recalled her house was literally swaying from left to right. The Self Help Housing Scheme resident said she saw her television shaking and decided to put it along with other items on her wall divider on the floor. When she left the premises to go outside, the entire street was filled and neighbours told her, her house was seen shaking the hardest. James expressed her belief that was it not for the sturdy support posts, the house would have collapsed.

On Tuesday, Lindeners came out onto the streets when they realised their homes were shaking. Mothers were seen gathering their children together in the streets of Amelia’s Ward as a safety protocol. Some persons were even noticeably praying. The tremor caught many by surprise as it was described as the longest ever.

Jonelle Wiggins of Amelia’s Ward said she was standing on her patio when she felt the shaking. She recalled not being worried until she saw her neighbour’s glass door shaking. “I saw Miss White glass door shaking and I said this serious, then I came outside and saw everybody on the road.”

One taxi driver said he was driving along when he heard all the alarms on the parked cars going off, and then his own vehicle began to shake.

The tremor was as a result of 7.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred off the coast of Venezuela.

The effects were felt strongest in Trinidad with a magnitude of 6.8.

Guyana, Grenada, and Columbia also felt the aftershocks of the tremor which lasted minutes. Reports out of Region One, Barima-Waini suggest that the area felt it stronger for close to five minutes.



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