Search for missing ASL aircraft intensifies; reinforcement added


lllkk[] – Three teams were flown into Mahdia, Region 7 from Timehri by GDF Skyvan yesterday (January 3) to join the search for the Britten Norman Islander and individuals that went missing shortly after takeoff on Sunday, December 28.

Ten members from the Guyana Forestry Commission; eight ranks from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Special Forces and eight Line Cutters from the St. Cuthbert’s Mission were inserted by helicopter  into an ‘area of high interest’ to commence ground searches bordered by the North Fork and Blackwaterrivers.unnamed

Standard ‘three man’ teams – from GFC and GDF – have mapped a route to systematically comb the mountainous terrain in search for the twin engine aircraft, pilot Nicky Persaud and Loader David Bisnauth. The teams are equipped with modern communication equipment inclusive of satellite telephones; handheld radios; global positioning instruments, and are in regular contact with the Rescue Coordination sub-Centre at Mahdia.

Simultaneously, aerial examination continued with two helicopters supported by two fixed wing aircraft, not only in the ‘area of high interest’ but along the pre-determined grids which were prepared by the RCC, Timehri Control Tower.

The search had to be discontinued at 16:30 hrs due to bad weather and will resume at first light tomorrow, January 4.

The area of high probability was based on reports of sightings in an area above the highest peak, east of Deer Creek, approximately 10 miles, southwest of Mahdia.  

A more intense ground search effort commenced yesterday, Saturday, January 03. 

Further, more than 150 square miles were covered in the Search and Rescue effort; and in excess of 60 hours of flight time were logged in the Search and Rescue mission for ASL’s Britten Norman Islander aircraft, bearing registration 8R-GE.

On board the aircraft is the Pilot, 27 – year – old Nicky Persaud and Cargo Loader, 51 – year – old David Bisnauth.


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