Scotiabank to cease non-customer transactions


Scotiabank Guyana on Wednesday announced that it would no longer be facilitating transactions for non-customers commencing from June 8, 2020.

The Bank notes that this move comes as a result of the change in the business landscape owing to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Scotiabank said it was continuing to take important steps to protect its customers and most importantly, its employees.

The Bank explained that the ongoing pandemic has changed the way business is conducted, and keeping its customers and employees safe remained its top priority.

“In line with this, practising physical distancing is critical, and to this end limiting the number of persons in our banking halls at any given time is a necessary requirement. Effective June 8, 2020, we will no longer facilitate transactions for non-Scotiabank customers on a permanent basis,” the financial institution said in a statement.

Scotiabank informed that the restrictions to non-customers include transactions such as cashing of cheques, cash exchanges, and cash advances in branch.

However, non-customers would still be able to access the ATM machines. It also informed that limitations would be placed on foreign currency transactions.

The Bank encouraged customers to take advantage of its digital and online platforms for processing payments which gives them the ability to conduct their transactions at their convenience.

It related that personal banking customers were now able to conduct third-party transfer of funds to other accounts within Scotiabank and at other banks via the online banking service – ScotiaOnline. Small Business and Corporate, Commercial and Business Banking clients have the award-winning Cash Management Services (CMS) platform available to them for processing payments.

The Bank noted that it continued to enforce additional measures in its branches to keep customers and employees protected. It explained that regular sanitisation and physical distancing among other measures were now part of its day-to-day operations.

Customers are encouraged to visit Scotiabank’s website: for official COVID-19 updates, or reach out via 223-4357 (HELP).