Scores of persons attend light-up of 70-foot Christmas tree


…new tree for Rahaman’s Park in the coming days – Rahaman

The 12th annual Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree light-up went off without any hitches on Sunday night, following the near cancellation of the event when the 70-foot artificial tree fell at the hands of suspected saboteurs.
Proprietor Ray Rahaman has indicated that he hopes to have the tree replaced within 7 to 10 days. However, its replacement, a similar 70-foot, but evergreen Christmas tree, illuminated the night sky in the sight of the Rahamans, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, and the exuberant faces of many children from contiguous communities, who were earlier given toys and snacks at the event, which drew a sizable gathering.

The evening’s proceedings began with the lively sound of steel pan music playing the popular rendition “Merry Christmas to You”. Other attention grabbing performances included an up-tempo medley of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, “Gloria” and “Feliz-Navidad!” by the Queen’s College Music Ensemble.

A section of the gathering during the cultural show just outside Rahaman’s Park on the East Bank Demerara highway

The all-male group released the sounds of the acoustic and bass guitar as they played their set. Additionally, a saxophonist and dance group also kept the audience entertained.
Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, in brief remarks, observed that it was indeed unfortunate that the old tree, which stood at a major road intersection, could no longer be seen.


Gaskin, who also holds the Tourism portfolio, said many tourists have become accustomed to seeing the tall structure during the holiday season, in addition to other erected depictions at the various religious and cultural festivals. He encouraged those gathered to continue acts of goodwill, as this is the season of giving.

The illuminated tree at Parc Rayne on Sunday evening

The event’s host, Mr Rahaman, thanked the business community for supporting the event, and for throwing in their lot when the event was almost halted following the tree’s collapse. He noted that the Pritipaul Singh Investment Company donated the use of its 100-foot crane to hoist the lights onto the alternate Christmas tree.
The Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree light-up has become synonymous with the holidays season in Guyana.


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