Schoolgirl stabs 14-yr-old boy to neck – at Charity Secondary School


A 14-year-old student attending the Charity Secondary School on the Essequibo Coast ( Region Two) was reportedly stabbed to his neck last Wednesday by a schoolgirl while in his classroom. And instead of taking him to seek medical attention he was allegedly “locked away alone” in another room by the Head teacher of the school.

Reports are that the boy (name withheld) was stabbed with what is believed to be a ‘pen knife’ by a female student of the school around 13:00hrs last Wednesday and while teachers and the Headmistress were aware of the situation, they failed to notify the boy’s parents.

It was only until the teen returned home from school on the day in question that his family was told about the incident.

As such, this move by those in authority at the secondary school has been met with heavy criticism and other parents are now questioning the safety measures put in place at the school for their children while attending classes and being inside of the compound.

Meanwhile, the injured boy’s mother stated that she was “shocked” about the entire incident and moreso at the “unprofessional” manner in which the Headmistress of the Charity Secondary School operated.

She argued that instead of taking her son to the Charity Oscar Joseph Hospital for medical attention he had been locked away in a room even though the trip to the hospital would have taken an average of 10 minutes for them to get there from the school.

The woman stated that when she learnt, late in the afternoon, that her son had been stabbed to his neck, she immediately rushed him to the hospital.

It was at the hospital that the boy received four stitches and due to the severity of the wound, the doctors advised that a report be made at the Police station.

According to the mother, she immediately visited the Charity Police station where she made a complaint and the detectives there began investigations. It is not clear what was used to inflict the stab wound, but unconfirmed reports indicate that the boy was stabbed with a ‘pen knife’.

The woman said she also visited the Department of Education and lodged a complaint there as well.

INews was also told that the female student who injured the boy is a known ‘bully’ at the school.

Regional Education Officer (REO) of Region Two, Baramadai Seepersaud said she is aware of the matter and a thorough investigation had been done. She promised that the Headmistress will be disciplined.

Seepersaud added that the teacher of the teen should have informed the parent or taken the child to the hospital at the time of the incident.



  1. Are you that daft to blame it on the ruling party.Are you also saying that the teacher and headmistress just started their teaching profession when the new party too control.Stop being stupid.The school needs to develop a proper protocol on how to manage various emergenies.

  2. Imagine someone posted their opinion on this issue and some jackass name DK had to make it political. I wonder how you would feel if it was ur child?

  3. The irresponsible behaviour by this teacher could have caused the life of a child. What more should be said to an adult, fire these incompetent. The system should be cleanse of these rogues who bares no effort for the job.

  4. Not calling name but those who remember will know.
    One minister leave the country at the time she was pregnant. Because she did not tell her head in charge that she was taking leave he “terminated” her from her job.
    A head teacher who could have cause the life of our future child to die is giving a “discipline”
    Like really check the logics of this country i love so dear. It makes me sick knowing the standards we have in Guyana.

  5. The headmistress of the school doesn’t know her civic duties… so it is not surprising that the teacher doesn’t know as well. This could have ended in a disaster had this child’s injuries affected him adversely while he was locked away by himself in a room. The behavior of all the adults at the school were so risky I wonder what they were thinking!

  6. Schoolgirl stabs 14-yr-old boy to neck – at Charity Secondary School
    Not only the Guyanese adults but Guyanese school chlidren are enjoying PNC good life..

  7. This student could have died. His parents should have been notified immediately. This Headteacher should be demoted. She demonstrated selfishness, she tried to cover-up a crime. The detectives need to ask students that were bullied by this female teen to come forward and speak with them. Also the neighbours of this female student. She needs to be suspended immediately pending investigation. She needs to apologize to the male student in the presence of the entire school. This is a serious matter and should not be dealt with lightly.


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