Schoolgirl reported missing – family pleads with teenager to return home

An Enmore, East Coast Demerara family has been worried since Monday when 15-year-old Vilma Anant went missing.
INews understands that Anant, commonly known as ‘Kamini’, is a Fourth Form (Grade 10) student of Apex Academy. The teenager reportedly left for school on Monday morning but upon arriving at the gate, she turned around and left – and has not been seen or heard from since.
MISSING: Vilma ‘Kamini’ Anant

Anant’s uncle, Vijay Sukhdeo, explained that ‘Kamini’ had been living with them since she was little. He said the teenager’s parents had resided in Mahaica Creek, but separated years ago so he and his wife took in ‘Kamini’.

“She come live with us from since nursery to now and we never had any problems like this before,” the worried man related.  
Sukhdeo recalled that on Monday morning “Kamini” sat down to have breakfast with the family and all seemed to be well with her. She then left for school. He noted some time after they got a call from the school asking about her.
“Because it’s a private school, they would call home whenever a student does not show up. So the teacher called home and asked about her and I told (the teacher) that she left to go to school, but the teacher said she wasn’t there,” the man noted.
He added that later in the day when the school bus returned to drop off students, they enquired from the driver and he confirmed that he dropped the teenager off in the morning.
Sukhdeo went on to relate that he visited the school on Tuesday and was shown footage from Monday morning. “Mr Ali showed me the video and we see her going up to the school gate and then she turn around and left,” the man said.
The cameras did not extend to the road, so it cannot be said where the young lady could have gone from the school’s Atlantic Gardens, ECD location. According to her uncle, there was no one with his niece at the time nor did anything seem to be amiss with her.
Furthermore, the man said that on Monday after the young woman failed to return home, the family contacted all her relatives and friends, but no one had seen or heard from her.
The family is pleading with the teenager to return home as soon as possible, and is also requesting members of the public with information on the whereabouts of 15-year-old Vilma ‘Kamini’ Anant to contact them on 616-6345 or the nearest Police Station.


  1. Lets all pray she is returned home safely,,GOD be with this little child and protect her from harm,,this is very worrying


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