Schoolboys knocked down by container truck


– escape with minor injuries

By Ramona Luthi

Two brothers to were today rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) where they were treated for injuries after a container truck reportedly ‘hit’ them as they were crossing the Agricola Public Road on the East Bank of Demerara.

8-year-old Ronnel Roach of  Titus Street, Agricola, told INews that at approximately 15:00hrs, he was walking home with his brother, 7-year-old Ray Roach when a container truck ”knock” them down.

The schoolboys at the hospital today
The schoolboys at the hospital today

The school-boys were in the process of crossing the road when the incident occurred earlier today.

The young boy stated that he ended up “under the container truck”, from where he saw that his brother “pitched to the other side of the road.”

A Police officer reportedly removed the boy from under the truck and took him, and his brother, to the hospital where their parents were informed.

Thankfully, the young boys suffered minor scratches and bruises but tests were being conducted at the medical facility.

Ronnel and his brother are both students of the Eccles Primary School.

The driver of the container truck was taken into custody to assist with investigations.


  1. I am so happy these brothers are alive. This is a busy area. There should be a speed bump on this road.


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