School teacher robbed of $1.2M by armed bandits in Alberttown


A middle-aged school teacher is now left counting her losses after she was trailed and ambushed by two armed men in front of her Alberttown, Georgetown home on Tuesday morning and robbed of approximately $1.2M in cash.

Kathryn Persico

The victim has been identified as Kathryn Persico of Third Street, Alberttown, Georgetown.

According to information reaching INews, the incident occurred at around 10:32hrs as the woman was returning home after withdrawing the large sum of cash from a local bank.

Police reports indicate that the teacher left home at around 08:50hrs and visited the commercial bank using a taxi. She reportedly withdrew the cash and placed it in a bag which already contained an additional $50,000.

Persico then re-entered the waiting taxi and proceeded home.

However, as she arrived at her residence and exited the hire car, the 50-year-old teacher explained that she noticed two men approaching her from a northern direction on a motorcycle.

The pillion rider reportedly jumped off of the moving motorcycle, whipped out a gun and pointed it at Persico while demanding that she hand over her bag.

The frightened woman immediately complied with the instruction and handed the bag of cash and other important documents to the gunman.

Moments later, the perpetrator ran back to the waiting motorcycle and sped away with his accomplice heading east on Third Street, Alberttown.

Police have confirmed that CCTV footage of the incident has been retrieved and an investigation has been launched. (Ramona Luthi)


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