Scholarship opportunities, media training among cooperation plans between Guyana, China

Minister Kwame McCoy and Deputy Chief of Mission of the Chinese Embassy in Guyana, Mr. Chen Xiang

Guyana is continuing its collaboration with the Republic of China to strengthen relations between the two countries.

T Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy, today met with Deputy Chief of Mission of the Chinese Embassy in Guyana, Mr. Chen Xiang, at Colgrain House.

Part of the discourse included the exploration of future scholarships, by the Chinese Government, and training for staff within the state media and other entities that fall under the stewardship of the Public Affairs Department.

Minister McCoy said the bilateral talks explored assistance to Media Communications, Government Relations, and Public Affairs in general.

“We discussed how can the Chinese Government assist in making us successful as a Ministry and making sure that we have the kinds of resources that will be able to keep us at a certain level and standard,” he said.

He also noted that the discussions will be concretised in subsequent meetings.

“I believe that it was a good meeting, and we have always relied on the Chinese Government to engage us in many projects. They have been a very good partner to the Government of Guyana over the years, and we have no reason to believe that at this time they will not be willing to assist,” Minister McCoy related.

The Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission said the “protocol call” to the Minister saw a recommitment, by his Government, to working with the new PPP/C Government in enhancing the bilateral relationship.

“We discussed scholarship opportunities provided by the Chinese Government, and we have discussed about the probable future cooperation in the different agencies under his leadership,” he stated.

The Chinese official reported that his Government is engaging with the new PPP/C Government, to explore other avenues of cooperation.

“We are quite willing to provide our assistance for the national development of Guyana once they have made up their minds, come up with a proposal, the exercise we will have a discussion on that.”

The two countries have had diplomatic relations for almost 50 years. [Extracted and Modified from DPI]