Scenes from last night’s Naya Zamana 21 – ‘Lost in Time’


The 21st edition of Naya Zamana, titled ‘Lost in Time’ was held last evening at the National Cultural Centre where patrons were blown away by the spectacular theatrical adventure.  It featured a superb blend of cutting edge choreography, chartbusting music and superb acting that brought the exciting storyline to life.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha has hosted this production for 20 years and continues to provide a positive platform for young people to develop their skills and talent and express themselves in creative ways. Direction, choreography and script have been done by Dr Vindhya Persaud, President of the Sabha.

Brand new sets and fabulous costumes by Dr Vindhya’s sister, Trishala Persaud, add the right touch to every act. The more than 70 strong cast of dancers and actors –who have been trained at the Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra and are from all across the country – provided the perfect complement to the main cast of Farzaana Khan, Indhira Harry, Nirmala Persaud and Travez Piaralall along with Aryan Masi and Rahul Ravichandran, who joined the cast from Canada.
Aryan is currently based in India where he is doing short films and TV commercials and making small appearances in Bollywood films.

Below are some of the photos captured at last night’s Naya Zamana event by INews photographer Carl Croker

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