Sattaur believes there’s a snitch within GRA; confirms fraud charges for local publisher

Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and Commissioner General of GRA, Khurshid Sattaur.


By Kurt Campbell

Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and Commissioner General of GRA, Khurshid Sattaur.
Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and Commissioner General of GRA, Khurshid Sattaur.

[] – Amid refuting charges by Editor of Kaieteur News Adam Harris, Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Khurshid Sattaur is insisting that Publisher of the daily newspaper, Glenn Lall has been slapped with fraud charges.

When contacted today, following reports in sections of the media at the weekend, Sattuar confirmed with iNews that the tax regulatory body will proceed with Court action against Lall and his wife for allegedly committing tax fraud on two Lexus vehicles which is currently in GRA’s possession and have been at the center of an ongoing investigation for the last two months.

“Glenn Lall is misusing his position as a Head of a media house, he has been misusing his position as a friend of a family that he engineered in getting two concessions for and he has been charged for those offences, these are no longer allegations made, subject to Court proceedings,” Sattaur said.

However, in Lall’s absence, Harris has challenged such reports.

“We know absolutely nothing and we saw no such report… Lall is abroad but no summon was served to this office and I’m sure not was served to his home,” Harris told iNews during a telephone interview.

Reports are that six criminal charges have been filed against Lall and his wife for breaching the Customs Act and the conditions of the duty free concessions which were granted to a re-migrant couple.

The Commissioner General says because of this investigation, Lall is now using his newspaper to “turn the heat up on GRA and get other people involved in condemning the agency.”

The GRA Head said it was very disturbing to see the quality of information that is being leaked to the publication and used to create mischief.

“What is more disturbing is that other entities such as political parties have now joined the bandwagon and I am very alarmed, it appears Kaieteur news has access to information at GRA… one only needs to look at the daily ranting that is going on in the satire pages… that they have a source that leaks information and it’s not me.”

Kaieteur news had published emails, purporting to have been sent from the Commissioner General to high ranking government officials on tax information on several media houses.

To this end, Sattaur has denied ever sending those emails.

“If somebody fart too hard, it’s out there, if somebody walk too hard it’s out there and it is not in my interest to put that information out there, it is evident that the Kaieteur News has a source within GRA,” he said; adding that “what is troubling is how the information got out there, information that is not palpable for the public domain and I call upon political parties to question Glen Lall on how he gets information from within GRA.”

Sattaur believes his email was hacked and used for sinister purposes.

“I want the police to investigate how Glen Lall is receiving on a daily basis information on GRA.”

He says it is an orchestrated plot by Lall to discredit him and the entity; saying he is using his contact within the agency to do same.

“GRA is a repository for tax payers information and it seems Glen Lall has broken into that safety,” he said; adding that “I’m getting very upset and concerned and I’m am calling on the police to investigate because it is highly illegal for anyone who works here to be giving such information to anyone and for it to be used for mischief, it is highly highly criminal and it is subject to serious offense.”



  1. ooooo he shivering in sharts since pnc emile says so..this is the exact reason why your pnc will never rule guyana ever again because you pnc people love corruption..

  2. For the first time I sense Sattaur is scared, and his worry about a ‘mole’ in the GRA proves that the e-mails he allegedly sent to Bharrat Jagdeo and Anil Nandlal. Maybe he has more enemies in the GRA than he really knows!!!
    My only question is why he thinks everybody else is wrong and he is right? Charging the Lalls for an alleged crime is one thing, but who will charge and fire Sattaur for sending tax information on media houses to Bharrat Jagdeo, when only the President is empowered to authorized release of such information as part of state exercises?

  3. mr or miss iknowall, I must let you know that a little laarning is a dangerous thing. before you talk you must laarn that remigrants have to sign to observe certain conditions before they are granted remigrant status. one of these conditions is that the vehicle must at all times be in possession of the remigrant. next, if shaik moeenul hack drives Shalimar hack vehicle whole day and whole night is nutting wrang–Shalimar hack is nat a REMIGRANT. keep dat at the back a you head before you talk, mr or miss iknowall.

  4. sound like u d peeping tom..u know lots of inside things..sounds like de shaik moeenul hack drives u up de wall with their driving hahaha..are they re-migrants? did they asked for the re-migrant things?

  5. First of all. I would like to tell sattaur that the email was send from his personal hotmail account and not a account hence the information did not come out of gra but came out of his personal email. Which any school child can get into. Secondly the court order blocking kaiteur news from publishing emails from gra exchange…. again kaiteur news publish a email coming from a hotmail account and not gra exchange. And last on the agenda, where did glen lall or the 2 remaigrant went wrong? Which custom act the breach?….. who name the vehicles in? Its still in the remigrant name. If you are going to tell me that glen does not supose to drive the vehicles
    … i am going to ask you why shaik moeenul hack drives all of shallimar hack vehicles….all day, all year round.

  6. Sattur has, for the second time, been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The nepotism with his relatives and family and now a breach of ethnics. He has embarrassed the accounting profession. The ACCA must enquire into to his lack of ethics.

  7. sattar no fan of mine period…but u big dummy..u should do a polygraph test on ALL GRA EMPLOYESS IMMEDIATELY AND NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO QUIT.. yall ppp big dummies done know the judiciary the police the army and most ppp government run institutes done infiltrated by these sk and kn big ones…how you think they getting the goods on ppp?? yall too dumb thats why..

  8. Mr Sattaur must send out a notice about policy to his staff.
    He should hire an expert to comb the computers and set up a system to block transmission of documents.
    The APNU/PNC/AFC has well trained IT people. My computer was hacked into many times already.
    Protect yourself because opposition forces are all around.
    It is no wonder phone conversations and text messages were readily leaked.

  9. Can u ask Mr. Sattaur if he is going to ask the police to investigate how chronicle got the information dat it publish too?


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