‘Satan’ still on the run – after chopping toddler with cutlass a week ago


 By Kristen Macklingam 

Police are yet to apprehend the man called  ‘Satan’ who is still on the run after he allegedly chopped a baby to her head with a cutlass and injured her father in the process, last week.

 Commander of Police ‘C’ Division, Marlon Chapman, confirmed that the suspect who was identified only as ‘Satan’ by residents in the Two Friends Village, East Coast Demerara (ECD) where the incident occurred, is yet to be arrested.

 According to a source, ‘Satan’ has gone into hiding and is yet to be seen by villagers who are on the lookout for the man. Reports are that ‘Satan’ was having a heated argument with the child’s father, Deon Daly over a fowl when he chopped the baby who was in the arms of her father.

 INews was told that the child’s father Deon Daly was said to be sitting on one of the steps of his house holding his one-year-old daughter in his arms when he noticed ‘Satan’ on a bicycle armed with a cutlass riding up to him.

 ‘Satan’ then began an argument with Daly over a chicken and as the verbal fight became heated, he threatened to use his cutlass and chop Daly along with his baby.

 INews understands that upon hearing those threats from ‘Satan’ the father quickly tried handing over his daughter to her mother who had rushed to her husband’s side when the argument began.

 However, ‘Satan’ managed to arrive close enough to the family and dealt a chop to the one-year-old child’s head as she was being passed from her father to her mother.

 According to a police source, Daly tried to shield his baby from further injuries which resulted in ‘Satan’ chopping him on his hand and on-lookers who had gathered when the commotion began managed to stop ‘Satan’ from inflicting more wounds on anyone.


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