SARA continues its political harassment

The state of Sanata Complex upon aquistion

The State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) has returned to its practice of political harassment; this time by seeking to directly intimidate Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII), the corporate owners of the property which houses the Times Media Group – including Guyana Times newspaper– at Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

On Thursday, a notice was received that SARA is seeking to recover the difference between an outside valuation of the Sanata property and the valuation of the official Government valuation entity at the point of sale.

In June 2018, the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) had charged Dr Ashni Singh, former Finance Minister and Winston Brassington, former Chairman of NICL, in relation to the same transaction.

At that time, Guyana Times had received a number of threats to stop publishing news items which are critical of the Administration.

SARA continues to press ahead with this political witch-hunting, despite being fully aware that the act has been challenged in the court.

The property was acquired by QAII in a fully transparent manner more than a decade ago, and this was fully ventilated in the press.

Billions of dollars have been invested to develop this property and as such, QAII will vigorously defend any issues relating to the transaction.