Businessman ‘dilly-dallying’ to avoid breathalyzer test after fatal accident – Police


By Leroy Smith

The Scene of the accident moments after
The Scene of the accident moments after

[] – Owner of the Sanjay’s Jewellery, Sanjay Persaud was up to noon today not subjected to a breathalyzer test by traffic ranks; almost 12 hours after 55 – year – old Leon Hunt was killed when he was struck by a sports car being driven by the businessman.

Speaking with iNews, sources close to the investigation confirmed that they have been unable to administer the test to the businessman who according to several eyewitnesses appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, this news entity was reliably informed that efforts are being made by relatives of the businessman to have him engage the next of kin of the deceased.

Persaud has been locked in a private room at the private hospital; making it impossible for police to have access to him, police sources related.  

The police, however, have 24 hours to administer the breathalyzer test.

The accident occurred on Lamaha Street, Newtown shortly after Persaud left a popular business place where he had stopped to purchase a meal. According to Persaud, before stopping to purchase the meal he had earlier left a wake house.

Reports are that the man sped off from the place he purchased the meal and turned a nearby corner where he collided with Hunt who was at the time riding his peddle cycle. Persaud claimed Hunt was riding up a one way.

Hunt, according to relatives, is mute and works at City Hall. At the time of his death he was on his vacation leave.

Persaud's wife (R) and Hunt's relatives outside the Kitty Police Station
Persaud’s wife (R) and Hunt’s relatives outside the Kitty Police Station

When iNews visited the Kitty Police Station this morning a relative was present giving traffic ranks a statement. The relative, Ronald Bobb who later spoke with this news site said that Hunt has been living with him for the past 15 years and has no children.

Meanwhile, the wife of the businessman was present outside at the police station at the same time and as the man exited the police station in the company of another relative they were assisted into the businessman’s wife vehicle and reportedly taken to see him at the Hospital.

Asked if there would be a settlement for the death of the 55 – year – old neither of the parties could say but according to Bobb, he believes that is the reason he was being asked to meet with the businessman.





  1. Observer.. Precisely. It seems the GPF is afraid to tackle crime committed by the Well-off Indian business elite. All such cases, apparently have to be referred to idiot Rohee, B4 any action can be taken. If it were a Black citizen not affiliated to the Ruling Assholes, as certain as Night follows Day he/she would have been before the courts, pronto. Black People, Guyana are afraid of their shadow..Help..

  2. Isn’t it a crime to harbour a criminal or suspected criminal? Is this hospital breaking the law? Could the Police not take out a warrant to get this guy??


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