Samsung Smart School launched at North Ruimvdlet Multilateral Secondary


By Jomo Paul

Students of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School with their new devices.
Students of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School with their new devices.

[] – For most, the idea of a classroom teacher having full control over her students while in class may seem like a farfetched idea, but at the North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School, a new project has been birthed that allows that and much more.

The Samsung Smart School Project would see the teacher maximizing the use of technology to deliver education while retaining full control over the devices that are being used.

Each student will be given a tablet, which is connected to a master tablet controlled by the teacher which gives her unrestricted access to any child’s computer tablet at any given time.

On the tablet itself, is an application developed by Samsung and is being piloted in Guyana at the North Ruimveldt Secondary. The application helps the teachers to develop interactive learning environments making the students more susceptible to the delivery of knowledge.

Marcel Hutson, Deputy Chief Education Officer, noted that for education delivery to be effective, there should be a commitment from all the pillars of society.

Huston made the comment at the launching of the project on Wednesday November 18, at North Ruimveldt. He said that the project is “testimony to the forward thinking of the Minister of Education regarding where we need to go in the delivery of education.”IMG_2905

“This is a time for us to embrace this kind of initiatives and in doing so we can only see Guyana advancing.”

Citizenship Manager for Samsung – Latin America Nicole Orillac stated that the project can aid children in their personal development.

‘We strongly believe that technology can create new learning possibilities for students, helping them along their way towards life-long learning and whole person development in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in society today,” said Orillac.

For students, the project helps to retain focus with tools such as screen sharing to share lesson content on student devices, while quiz and polls helps teachers quickly access how well students comprehend lessons and gives immediate feedback.



  1. Forward thinking of the Minister? Do these guys just like praise so much? This is forward thinking of Samsung and not the Minister.


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