Salary increase for Public Servants likely after CoI report submitted – President


Government is awaiting the completion of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) report into the Public Service to conclude negotiations with the respective trade unions before making an announcement on salary increases for Public Sector workers and members of the Disciplined Services.

This is according to President David Granger, who was at the time being interviewed by media operatives during a recent airing of his weekly telecast, ‘The Public Interest’.

Finance Minister Winston Jordan had announced during the 2016 National Budget presentation that the much-anticipated salary increases for Public Servants would have to wait since Government was in the process of discussing the matter with the various trade unions.

Shedding more light on the process, President Granger reminded that Government had launched a CoI into the Public Service to inquire into, report on and make recommendations on the role, functions, recruitment process, remuneration, conditions and other matters pertaining to the personnel employed in the Guyana Public Service.

The Commission, which is headed by Professor Harold Lutchman, would take into consideration the remuneration packages and working conditions of both public servants and Disciplined Services ranks.

The President explained that the CoI report ought to be submitted before July. The CoI hearings commenced September last.

Government will then review the report, conclude discussions with the trade unions, and then make an announcement on whether there will be any changes in the salary structure.



  1. Would the recruitment process look at diversifying the make-up of the public service and free it of political control?

  2. Can the public get a release of the details when it happen? So far this government is NO better than the PPP. last week an article was released where the US STILL label Guyana as the WORLD most corrupted country….therefore this regime has not made any improvement. All suckers trying to scam money and full their pockets….who will benefit from these increase…the local servants will get pennies and jill while the CEOs will get big pay off? Where the CEO happens to be installed people….either way it will be labelled as CORRUPTION!


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