Sahara dust-haze increasing over Guyana


A large plume of Saharan dust is affecting the Caribbean region and will continue for the next three days; possibly reducing visibility and affecting air quality.

In an urgent statement issued today, the Hydromet Office explained that the dust can be hazardous due to reduced visibility; while dust particles can exacerbate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses and allergies. Saharan dust is known to cause eye, nose and throat irritation.

In addition to the already dry atmosphere, Saharan Dust-haze is forecasted to reduce visibility to between 4 and 6 km or in some places it can become progressively thicker reducing visibility even further.

The general public, aviation and marine users are asked to be very cautious and prepared to take mitigative action if need be, as a significant reduction in visibility is either likely or already occurring.

Persons with respiratory illnesses or allergies should ensure that they travel with, or have close at hand, all prescribed medications. Aviation, Marine and road users should monitor the situation closely, along with the forecast for any further deterioration.