RUSAL defends firing workers, says reemployment possible

Some workers attached to RUSAL (file photo)

RUSAL has defended the abrupt termination of 61 workers who recently downed their tools in protest of a one percent salary increase.

Tuesday’s meeting between RUSAL and the Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle ended with the Bauxite Company insisting that its employment contract takes priority over the workers’ right to strike.

When asked, a company representative explained that workers signed contracts which stipulate that they can be dismissed if they refuse to work.

The fate of the sacked workers now remains in limbo, as the RUSAL representative said their reemployment depends on a number of factors.

Asked about RUSAL’s reluctance to pay more than one per cent increases, the representative said that the company cannot afford to give more.

He noted that the company has not been making a profit, but rather, breaking even.



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