Rugby Union shortlists team to represent Guyana

The women's national side during one of their title runs in their glory days.
The women’s national side during one of their title runs in their glory days.

[] – The Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) has shortlisted 31 females to start training for national duty.

The team will start training immediately in hope of finding the best combination to represent Guyana at the North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) Seven’s Championship in June.

The women’s side will be aiming for their fourth title after their historic 3-peat in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

In addition, depending on their finish in the tournament more specifically in the top three, will determine whether the team is able to represent Guyana at the Olympic qualifiers in June as well.

Further, with a mixture of experience and new comers, the GRFU will have their eyes on the progress of the team.

The 31 players are as follows: Carren Carter, Tricia Munroe, La Toya Hamilton-Cordis, Collette Hope, Nicole Nero, Natasha Andrews, Alicia Fortune, Shennel Daniels, Alicia Mentore, Carren Skeete, Sabola Gray, Andrea Lashley, Grace Jarvis, Princesa Wilkie, Vionette Profitt   , Cloetta Dublin, Theresa Torres, Cindy Fraser, Abassie Bobb, Marva Chase, Natoya Norville, Keaisha Erskine, Temika Thornman, Kateyka Jeremiah, Natyor Carbon, Sophia Vanderstoop, Kateja Hall, Delicia Harding, Nicketia Jonas, Fiona Ward and Alana Phillips.


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