Rubis increases local storage facilities; some US$8M invested in Guyana


rime Minister Samuel Hinds and Chief Executive Officer, Rubis, Mauricio Nicholls. [GINA Photo]
rime Minister Samuel Hinds and Chief Executive Officer, Rubis, Mauricio Nicholls. [GINA Photo]
[] – Rubis commissioned five fuel storage tanks at Providence, East Bank Demerara yesterday (November 12) which have doubled the company’s storage capacity in Guyana.

Rubis’ Chief Executive Officer, Mauricio Nicholls said the company values having a strong relationship with the Government of Guyana, and the opportunity to be able to invest in the country.

He said since the French company first came to set up operations in Guyana three years ago, it has invested between US$7.5 to 8M in its operations. The 30,000- barrel diesel storage tank and the four 60,000-gallon LPG tanks are a valued investment by the company in Guyana.

“We have rebranded our service stations which now have an image …we have invested in re-launching our LPG brand to Rubis gas… we have invested in modernising our fuel delivery fleet, we have acquired new trucks to provide better delivery service to our customers and we have invested in significant new storage facilities at Ramsburg and we continue to invest. Presently we are investing in our berth …”

Nicholls explained that over the past three years, the company has invested significant amounts in Guyana.

“We believe that this is a very strategic market for us because we see the facility for growth because we know that we can generate returns on our investment and because we are committed to the concept of reliable supply and service to our customer base.”

Nicholls added that reliable supplies are a challenge for several reasons among which is that the reliability of the refineries cannot always be counted on. He added too that this may also be due to other factors such as operational, mechanical, maintenance or labour issues. For Rubis, he noted, there is priority placed on reliability, as well as on safety.Rubis 1

In dealing with an unreliable supplier by sourcing from other refineries, Nicholls pointed out that this would take time since they are not nearby. He explained the logistical challenges in the Caribbean and Guyana which are found in the port areas.

He noted that despite the constraints, if the Demerara River is dredged this would help

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during his keynote address said good things are happening in Guyana. He said that after Esso and other gas stations left Guyana, the Caribbean and some parts of Latin America in the late part of the first decade of this century, he was relieved to hear that Rubis was taking over the operations

He extended his personal appreciation and that of the Government’s to Rubis for investing in Guyana. Prime Minister Hinds speculated that these gas stations may have left Guyana and other closely related areas because of the market sizes, and as well as social and political changes.

“The Government and for the years I have been with it, we have been maintaining an open door of welcome to all investors regardless of their nationality, religion and race. Whosoever would come and is prepared and ready to come into Guyana and to fit into our system and be a lawful and good citizen, we welcome them!” the Prime Minister said. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



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