Rosehall family robbed of $1M, one shot


Three gunmen stormed into a private residence earlier today where they robbed the occupants of $1M in cash and a quantity of jewellery. 

They also shot one young man to his shoulder during the brazen robbery. 

robberyReports are that around 04:45h this morning, Vanisha Shrikissoon, 30, of Rosehall, Corentyne, Berbice and four other persons who were engaged in plucking chicken were held at gunpoint by the bandits.  

The three perpetrators who were brandishing firearms entered the home and demanded cash and valuables while pointing the guns in the direction of Shrikissoon and the others. 

INews understands that the bandits, during the execution of the robbery, shot 20-year-old Samuel Fernandes of Sand Reef, Rosehall, injuring him to his shoulder. 

The three men managed to escape with $1M in cash and a quantity of jewellery. Police are on the hunt for the perpetrators as investigations continue into the matter.


  1. Here we go AGAIN, I think one of the business flourishing right now in GT is crime, and the BADMAN minister and COP all sleeping, SHAMEFUL and disgusting,

  2. Rosehall family robbed of $1M, one shot.
    Oh well dont worry and have no fear sine our Rumjhaatahahah got criminals under a lock since the 2 am curfew. He gon deal wid dem terrorist later because he is a tad busy providing some security for some big ones that are coming for pnc jump up.Rumjaatahaha also took away dem terrorists guns–remember day?
    Bandits knows Rumjhaatahaha is on their side and if police dare touch them they know Rumjhaatahaha will go after police and have poice charges and Rumjhaatahaha will sue government ..
    ata bhai Rumjhaatahaha way to go keep up de great job


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