Rosehall Estate seeking to employ over 1000 persons

GuySuCo Head Sasenarine Singh



The Rosehall Estate of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is seeking to employ in excess of 1000 persons.

The Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sasenarine Singh joined the newly-appointed Estate Manager, Rama Singh for a recruitment drive on Tuesday. The Estate Manager said that workers were needed for planting, fertilising, spraying, and also harvesting. She explained that the recruitment drive hosted on Tuesday was for planters and by 11:00h, some 40 persons already had shown an interest. The Estate needs 83 planters, but only has 56.

CEO Singh told said that Rosehall was in the final lap of its reporting strategy. The focus now is to ensure that the land is aggressively planted for the new crop starting on Valentine’s Day.

“So, we are pushing hard to get more planters on the land to join with the estate in getting the cane planted. Rosehall is extremely important to the corporate strategy of the organisation; it is a commitment of the shareholders –the Government of Guyana to reopen this estate in 2023,” the CEO explained.

According to him, 66 per cent of the factory has already been refurbished. The aim is to reach 100 per cent by August 2023 which will be in time for the reopening of the Estate as the second crop for 2023 commences.
He said all steps were being taken to implement the work programme.

“There needs to be some tightening around, making sure that every level of the work programmes is following the work programme, so some amount of training while enhanced to make sure that at all levels the staff understands their responsibilities. What will also be enhanced is more monitoring and evaluation of the work progress by the central head office,” Singh noted.

He added that the employment drive would be repeated in January and continue on a monthly basis. The Estate is also encouraging persons to forms groups and work as contractors.

According to the Estate Manager, there is a huge demand for harvesters. In excess of 700 will be needed next year.

The CEO said GuySuCo has been intensifying its efforts to ensure that come 2023, Rosehall Estate would be in a state of readiness with the full capacity of the needed labour available.