Rose Hall robbery/ murder: Two workers reportedly confess to planning robbery

The entity was robbed and the guard securing the place was murdered

A 19-year-old and another employee, who were both detained on Sunday, have reportedly confessed to the police on Wednesday of plotting to rob Sukhram’s General Store at Lot 13 Public Road, Rose Hall Town.

The entity was robbed and the guard securing the place was murdered

The confession has also implicated the suspects in the murder of the store’s security guard, Munisperen Iyasammy Monien.

The body of Monien was discovered in a pool of blood in a storeroom at the business about 20:00hrs on Saturday last.

The Police were working on a theory that the robbery/murder was an inside job after it was discovered that the door to the back of the store and a few others inside the building were left unlocked when the business was closed on Saturday evening.

Following the discovery of the 53-year-old security guard and a later announcement that in excess of $1.5 million in cash was removed from the building, the Police arrested the manager of the store and five employees.

Investigators also arrested an ex-employee and his parents. However, the main suspect remains at large.

The main suspect was allegedly seen two nights prior to the robbery by the now dead guard attempting to break into the building. An alarm was raised, and the Police were later informed and given the identity of the suspect.

Police are continuing their investigation.



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