Ronald Gajraj files $10M lawsuit against Gail Teixeira, Guyana Chronicle

Ronald Gajraj
Ronald Gajraj
Ronald Gajraj

[] – Former Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj is suing his former colleague and successor, Gail Teixeira along with the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper for defamation of character.

Gajraj and Teixeira are both members of the People’s Progressive Party Civic and while the latter served as Presidential Advisor on Governance in the last administration, Gajraj has been serving as High Commissioner to India after he was posted there several years ago when public pressure caused him to resign from the post of Minister of Home Affairs which was then given to Teixeira.

Gail Teixeira
Gail Teixeira

iNews has been informed that the decision to sue stemmed from an article the newspaper carried in its November 17, 2015 edition where it quoted information from the Wikileaks Cable that Teixeira reportedly told United States officials that Gajraj, as Minister of Home Affairs, was involved in visa racketeering and was corrupt.

The headline on the front page of the paper read: “Wikileaks Cable: Teixeira accused Gajraj of visa racketeering.”

iNews was informed that they are being sued for in excess of $10M and are expected to make an appearance very soon in front of a Judge in relation to the matter.



  1. What more do the handful of PPP hopefuls need to seize their party from Jagdeo, Rohee and Gail? The PPP is a sitting duck with Jagdeo at the helm, but don’t tell that to him and his minions or the large following of gullible sheep.


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