Roman Catholic Church calls on ‘losing Party’ to respect the will of the people

Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne
Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne

[] – The Roman Catholic Church in Guyana has called on the losing Party to “concede defeat immediately upon the declaration of the 2015 election results by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM),”and for the winner to magnanimously accept, “so that as one people we can focus with resolve on the critical business of nation building.”

The preliminary results shows a victory in favour of the APNU+AFC coalition and GECOM is expected to declare the official results of the election today.

The data indicates that out of 410, 391 ballots cast, the PPP/C managed to acquire, 201,457 which is 5,360 votes short of the figure acquired by the APNU+AFC which is 206,817

Head of the Church in Guyana, Bishop Francis Alleyne in a media release noted that GECOM’s preliminary results “show a photo-finish, with APNU+AFC likely to be declared the winner.”

He is urging that “the declaration of the elections results be done quickly so that the voice and good will of the People is not taken for granted.”

He praised the electorate for their exemplary conduct in turning out, exercising their civil responsibility and waiting patiently as well as the various endorsements on the electoral process are a credit “to us all and deserve the greatest respect.”

Additionally, the Bishop noted that given the closeness of the results, as well as the divisiveness of the campaign, it is clear that much work lies ahead to build lasting reconciliation and trust.

“The well-known adage says ‘forgive and forget’. In reality we don’t forget but we can remember without the bitterness and pain: we can be healed and reconciled and trust again and must claim this.”

“I pray that as a people we encourage and support one another in broad-based inclusion in the governance and life of the nation.”



  1. I am truly fed up of all these allegations – when nobody has had the balls to come forward with proof of all this massive robbery. Do you like being called a thief? Let Jack wear the jacket if it fits.

    The nation will wait to see…change is always a good thing. Good luck to the new admin…

  2. Thanks very much KVJ, I still cannot believe that this is all being kept in the shade – when it very much needs to be in the limelight. Guyana for you – let’s move on,
    regardless of all the ills that are getting us there:- “nowhere” fast.

  3. Howcome official congratulagory remarks are coming from officials when a final official declaration has yet to be made?

  4. Whatever the results, arrest and charge those Returning or Presiding Officers who submitted false or fraudulent Statements of Poll. We have to send a message that dishonesty will not be tolerated. We must have free and fair elections and cannot condone fraud. It distorts the will of the people.

  5. Gecom please swear in Granger and Nagamootoo for their respective posts and country returns to normalcy.PPP suffering from stroke mentality.Indo Guyanese are not fools they know. the country was raped it’s assets HH

  6. U APNU ppl jus like to throw allegations on PPP/C caz u couldnt get to rule, u ppl r callin us scamps n wat abt u ppl that made us slave yrs ago n dis country was in many debts n wen PPP/C came in, debts got cleared n only few r left! n d man u r sayin that wil clean house, he needs to clean his own corrupted house before talkin becaz they corrupt d votes wit fakes 1 n also sufferin innocent ppl by burnin down their homes!! Dis comment is specially for u illiterate ppl n d MOBS!!!

  7. U r a man frm church, u should b speakin d word of god n not politics! Wat kind of a preacher would u b??? U cant preach notin gud to me!!! U should b ashamed to b a preacher, light a candle n call out to jesus name instead of tinkin abt politics, u BASTARD!!!

  8. All I have to say is JAIL the PPP scamps….investigate their immense wealth, seize their assets and return the money to the Treasury. They have raped this country and grabbed from every conceivable source to fill their pockets and give to their families and friends…
    President Granger needs to make this a priority and show all of Guyana that he is the man to clean house…


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