Rohee says PPP conducted a ‘clean’ campaign

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee says the PPP has conducted a ‘clean’ elections campaign in the run up to General and Regional Elections scheduled for May 11.

Rohee made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, May 06 when questioned by iNews. The PPP General Secretary was at the time accusing the APNU+AFC coalition of employing scare tactics in its elections campaigning across the countries and particular in communities that have a diverse political support base.

When asked whether he believes the PPP has conducted a clean campaign, Rohee responded “I couldn’t see anything cleaner.”

This is despite the Party receiving criticisms for statements made on the campaign platform by Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon and several other members of the hierarchy of the Party including Rohee himself.

According to Rohee, “the opposition – APNU+AFC alliance is using scare tactics to scare away our supporters from going out en masse to vote…they believe that if they are successful people will not go out to vote and the voting strength of the PPP will be reduced.”

He indicated that opposition elements are “pelting people’s homes and terrorizing them.”

“We want to also alert the foreign observers to the scare tactics which the opposition is resorting to,” said Rohee.

The Carter Center which is here observe the May 11 polls has already said it is deeply concerned about the provocative rhetoric in the campaign and condemns any attempt to sow fear and distrust among Guyana’s ethnic groups or to undermine confidence in its electoral process and institutions.

“It is imperative that political parties remain conscious of their obligations under the Political Party Code of Conduct for these elections and urge their supporters to behave accordingly…these elections are an important opportunity for Guyanese to strengthen their commitment to one another and further consolidate their democracy,” a release had noted.




  1. free must i remind you as to why we are here in the first place?, its because the government refuse to call local government elections, now can you please say why didnt the government call those elections?, isnt is in the constitution of guyana that local government elections are due?.

  2. You cannot be FREE,if your mind is still enslaved,you are only fooling yourself.Stop being a puppet,if you can.It is important and necessary for everyone to think or try to think for one`s self.You look at any situation,weigh the pros and cons,and eventually come up with a decision,you would have had a choice.Honestly,I would feel good if you do.Anyway,I still believe,IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE,TRUST ME.

  3. Rohee has no authority whatsoever,to lecture to the MMU.He should be the least,to utter a word of advice or suggestion.His party is the main culprit where abuse,lies,cuss-down and cuss-out are concerned.Jagdeo is the chief bottle-washer.That is why the MMU commented on the behavior of some politicians,Jagdeo inclusive.I believe,no party,should be allowed to get away with this most debased attitude.I believe more than ever before,IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  4. Lol, does this include Jagdeo race baiting and all out nasty sessions on the campaign podium nationwide???

  5. Dennis you think people stupid like you. .lmfao. All the things you accused the PPP of are exactly what the opposition are. Check your history before you text. You need to accept that the PPP WILL WIN NO MATTER WHAT YOU OR ANYONE LIKE YOU HAVE TO SAY! VOTE FOR PPP YOUR ONLY HOPE OF A BETTER FUTURE!!!!

  6. ONLY A FOOL BREAKS HIS OWN HEART.It is not unusual,that this misfit Rohee makes silly statements,this is another of them.With their GUTTER politics,they abuse,cuss down,and lie,displaying an immaturity,and dishonesty always seen in their campaigns.Their racial,callous and irresponsible behavior will only be their DEMISE.Who in their right senses will vote for a group of people,who have no morality,and who lacks transparency in whatever they do?IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  7. Wow! Really? For Rohee to say that with a straight face, he had to have intensive training in “telling barefaced lies”. Or maybe, just maybe, the PPP feels that the Guyanese people are just plain blind and stupid.


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