Rohee rubbishes pro – democracy alliance proposal; says AFC is a ‘force ripe’ Party

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.

By Fareeza Haniff

People's Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee.
People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee.

[] – General Secretary of the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee has rejected the proposal by Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan for the establishment of a pro – democracy alliance; stating that it is a “force ripe proposal” and that the “AFC is a force ripe Party.”

Rohee told a news conference this morning, Monday, December 08 that the AFC is seeking to replace Opposition Leader, David Granger with the proposal.

“They [AFC] are seeking to just big up themselves; I think he’s trying to replace Mr. Granger as the Leader of the Opposition and the APNU better watch out for the AFC because the APNU might very well find themselves being replaced by the AFC,” the General Secretary told Reporters at Freedom House, Robb Street Georgetown.  

He noted, “So all this talk about leading an Alliance, well let’ see what will be the nature of this alliance.”khemraj ramjattan1

Ramjattan at the Party’s National Conference on Saturday last had indicated the Party’s willingness to join forces with the members of the PPP and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to lead a pro- democracy alliance.

Boasting of the AFC’s ability and leadership to offer Guyana a brighter future, Ramjattan said the Party firmly believes every citizen, group and political party that has something wholesome to offer to the efforts of a renewed Guyana must find a way to corporate and deliver to the people, a government of national unity.




  1. If AFC was bright enough the would not have fail to remove Rohee and ashnie Singh and would not have called a no confidence motion as soon as Ramjattan and Cathy Hugh was reported for their wrong doings.

  2. AFC is the brightest party after the APNU because they know by combining with a party they stand a better chance of being able to make a difference and be part of the political system instead a part of the opposition. Check this out PPP/C will never win the majority because of their corrupt and thieving ways, their young people will ensure it. The young are not gullible like the old who can’t see that their children have gone astray and cut them off. All families know that whey some one goes astray and steal the family’s money they got to be stopped and cut off. That is what will happen to the PPP/C family. A few will break, and that will be enough

  3. hear ye hear ye
    If the boss man Granger said he dont trust Nagamoottoo and that Nagamoottoo is a born PPP then something is dead right on it..
    U show em hu is boss Granger.
    How can Nagamoottoo be PPP and took the indian people votes and surrender it in parliament to the Boss man Granger?
    The boss man Granger showing them hu is boss and is juk fuh juk.
    Those who vote Nagamoottoo better take boss Granger warning not to trust Nagamoottoo.

  4. Afc always using high sounding words at election time. Soon after that they can’t help but show their cloven hooves .They are just a good pack of hypocrites who should never be taken at their word.

  5. real stupidniss
    an kow jump ova moon, right.
    stap u nancy story.
    AFC iz a fifth wheel on an APNU carriage

  6. ‘Force ripe’ is an kompliment.
    ow bout ganda hegg?
    Dem honly ave alf a deck of kards to play wid.
    Besides dem ave no picture cards
    honly low numbers cards

  7. Granger is right in saying afc has the least seats yet that party want to be leader,
    Granger, it was Ramjattan that been to linden to tell lindeners that u sell them out in the electricity deal with the government,
    It is the af’s Ramjattan and Nagamootoo that is more vocal in and out of parliament, not you.
    If a no confidence motion has to be filed, it should have been by Apnu the major party but all guyanes know that u were not really interested in that but u gave support,
    Moon does run till day catch am

  8. I agree with Rohee. The whole team are a bunch of frauds, thugs and rejects just out to settle personal vendettas.

    Here something for the AFC:

    Ramotar will soon call election
    After a successful prorogation
    AFC, once the ‘conscious of the nation’
    Now begging for a coalition
    With your back against the wall
    Always keep your eye on the ball
    Don’t get caught with your ‘pants down’
    Remember Raphael always lurking around
    With support gone in Whim and Tain
    Stop bullshitting and start your election campaign.

    The PPP is ready is to bring home the MAJORITY.


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