Rohee defends Officer Cadet Scheme; says misconceptions abound



By Kurt Campbell

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

[] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has come out in defence of the contentious Officer Cadet Scheme which was set up by former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Rohee in an address to the ongoing Police Annual Officers’ Conference reminded that the decision of the Government to train 50 additional Cadet Officers was made upon its realization that the Guyana Police Force, in the long term, would need the injection of a corps of young men and women who would in a number of years, move into higher positions in the Force.

“They would be developed side by side with those Officers who will move up through the ranks in the normal way,” Rohee explained.

In the face of complains of dozens of Cadets languishing for promotions, the Minister added that the government is taking steps to facilitate the upward movement of those Cadets who qualify to the Rank of Assistant Superintendent.

He stressed however, that the promotion will not be automatic.

The Home Affairs Minister added that the Cadet Officers will have to satisfy the conditions set out in Police Standing Order 22 which includes the passing of certain examinations.

“Those Cadet Officers who are due to be elevated should take note and put themselves in order.”

When the Cadets are eventually promoted to the Rank of Assistant Superintendent they will have to compete with other Officers in their Rank Structure for elevation to higher positions, according to Rohee.

Only recently, Assistant Police Commissioner David Ramnarine said the Force’s Assistant Superintendent System needs to be reviewed, given the fact that there are a number of cadets languishing while awaiting promotions.cadet

Ramnarine was at the time delivering a progress report on the 2004 Disciplined Forces Commission (DFC) recommendations.

He reflected that former President Bharrat Jagdeo during his tenure had increased the number of cadets accepted into the Force to enhance the middle management leadership structure.

The Assistant Police Commissioner had said then that there are 47 cadet officers from three batches in the force awaiting promotions.



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