Rohee criticizes 2AM decree; says there’s no Anti Crime Plan by Gov’t


By Fareeza Haniff

Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee (R). [iNews' Photo]
Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee (R). [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee says there is no scientific data which indicates that bars and nightclubs that remain open after 2:00 hrs leads to any spike in crime.

As such, he criticized the implementation of this law by Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, noting that the APNU+AFC government does not have any anti – crime plan in place to effectively tackle the issue.

Rohee says he does not support this, pointing out that he never enforced the law because Guyana is a “relaxed and opened country.”

“I never did it when I was there, so why must I do it now? This country is a very relaxed and opened country. There is a certain culture which we share with the Caribbean as Caribbean people and I have never ever noticed during my tenure as Minister of Home Affairs that bars and clubs remaining open after 2’0 clock led to any spike. There is no scientific data that anyone could provide,” the former Home Affairs Minister told reporters at news conference at Freedom House on Tuesday, July 07.

He is of the view that by implementing such a decree is similar to placing a curfew on the population.

“I’ve gone to many functions, whether it’s a wedding or staff party and by the time 11’0 clock…people would start walking away and when you ask then where they’re going; they going to Galaxy [Gravity], they’re going to Palm Court, they going to 704; this is after 12’0 clock…you’re giving these people two hours to sport? Oh come on, this is not Guyanese. And that is the reason why I didn’t do it… in fact what you’re doing is imposing a curfew on the people,” Rohee explained.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

According to Rohee, while in the Opposition, Ramjattan claimed to have the solution for solving Guyana’s crime situation, but now that he’s in office, it’s a different story and that the government does not have an anti crime plan in place.

Rohee pointed out that he was deemed a failure and calls were made for him to resign.

“Remember when I was Minister of Home Affairs, less than two months ago, I was deemed a failure; the Stabroek News, the Kaieteur News, the iNews, everybody went to town on that. That Rohee is a failure, he must be removed. I’m not seeing that now.”

When asked if that judgment could be passed so early on Ramjattan given the fact that he only assumed the position recently, Rohee did not agree.

“It has nothing to do with early. Once you take on the responsibility, the moment you’re sworn in, that’s it… I noticed Mr Ramjattan, who was one of the most vocal men in Parliament who had the solutions; so did Mr Granger too; they all had the solutions. But now I’m reading Ramjattan saying he don’t know what to do and I’m reading he’s saying this thing is so overwhelming. They don’t even have a [Anti] crime plan,” the former Home Affairs Minister said.

President David Granger is hosting a high level meeting with Ramjattan and others to craft a crime fighting strategy at the Ministry of the Presidency.



  1. Now brothers and sisters we have a serious problem, people are being killed almost daily why don’ t we join hands and try to curb these killings it will not make the present Government look bad and previous look good, all that the rest of the world will see us Guyanese are like crab just fighting and not tackling the real picture….CRIME…….

  2. Rohee when you were in charge with the rest of those failed excuses for ministers crime skyrocketed and you were as inept as they come to do anything. So go clap roti and don’t worry your dumb empty head on things you have no grasp of….

  3. This man is the most stupidest person on earth, no wonder the PPP is in such a mess. The noise nuisance has eased a great bit. I am able to rest better and is more productive in my creative endeavours. I can just imagine how the young, sick and elderly are feeling.
    This type of attitude by Rohee and others in his party will see the further decline of the PPP. If you don’t have anything to say, just shut yuh [email protected]$$.

  4. Ex Minister Rohee, like you pagalie or what ? You can’t figure out te game plan ? Ramjattan is in direct confrontation with the business class, the working and proffesional people who do all the sporting and crime has spiked !!! Yuh suh dense yuh nah realise that already dem ah organise and call fuh he head fuh roll ? Dat gun be one less AFC in de camp, Moses get check mate in de cabinet already! Ah pagalie yuh pagalie ? The PNC was born of this they will die of this type of political construct…. Like de UF, all gaan lake !!! Only time ….. If de jail break happen under you government, what yuh thing a go on now….. Lef dem alone either Granger run to de PPP away from the hardcore radical in the PNC to the PPP or AFC come to you. Throw back and enjoy. By the way the “masses are asses”… Dem guh see Ning Ning and den guh andastaan how not fuh vote next guh round … Throw back an check out

  5. Roti, when you keep quiet , you make sense.But as soon as you speak, thats your problem .The usual brain dead comments flow.Ow man , shutup.

  6. CURFEWS are necessary in any State when Crime or Violent Behavior becomes an Epidemic. Or threatens the Social Order of things.

    How it is implemented is based on the volume and severity of it all.

  7. Guyana is too relaxed and opened. That’s the reason why some people do as they please and have no regards and respect for anyone.

  8. Rohee and the PPP created a state of lawless ness in North America there laws that govern the sale of alcohol and tobacco in Guyana once you can walk and talk you can buy tobacco an alcohol.

    I agree with Ramjattan.

  9. The govt has no plan for anything. They are like fools bumbling in the dark, bent on scaremongering, witch hunting, and assigning square pegs in round holes, making up jobs for the boys, installing kith and kin throughout the public service, while the crime situations spirals.


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