Rohee bashes iNews, Kaieteur News & other media houses for painting Guyana as “crime ridden”


By Fareeza Haniff

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

[] – Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee has chastised several media houses, including iNews, alleging that the entities sensationalize stories in order to make a profit and are “deeply prejudiced.”

At his end of the year press conference held at the Police Officers’ Training Center, Camp Road, today (Wednesday, December 31) Rohee criticized the Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Channels 7 [Capitol News] and 9 [Prime News], iNews and Demerara Waves for reporting on the crime situation in a sensational manner.

“The Kaieteur News while pretending to be a friend of the Police Force pays enormous sums for leaks while the Stabroek News is always on the lookout for potential stellar performance awardees but never finding any in the security sector.

“Channels 7 and 9 played a role of parroting what ‘dem boys she’ about the security sector and iNews and Demerara Waves compete and jostle each other in and out of Guyana to paint the gloomiest and crime ridden picture of the situation in our country,” Rohee told a room filled with Senior officers of the Force and diplomats.

He admitted that the crime situation in Guyana should not be hidden, given the fact that the Police Force publishes crime statistics on a monthly basis; however he took umbrage to what he described as “sensationalizing the stories.”

“It is the sensationalizing and frontpaging of these stories 365 days each year and the view that such a practice hurt the operatives in the security sector most; the media houses mentioned earlier consider it their duty to do more or it, more so since it reaps huge profits,” the Home Affairs Minister said.

 He accused the specific media houses of being biased.

 “The end result of this analysis therefore is that, we have in our country, deeply prejudiced and profit driven media houses, who for their own selfish interest view the security sector as a golden goose who’s droppings must be exploited fully.”


  1. Clement James, u know me n I know you. That said yes there is some break through …. Don’t act like rip van winkle pleaseeeee !!! U driving a nail in the coffin …. Pick your fights Cde….

  2. I think inews and demerara waves both give a balanced picture of the crime situation and developmental issues as well.

  3. Guyana’s problem is that there are no proper opposition parties. AFC and APNU are like Comedy Non Stop party. So PPP will keep doing what they think is best.

  4. Rohee your comment can easily tell the tale of your PPP/C party. The same things you are accusing the media houses of doing or not doing those same things the people of Guyana are accusing the PPP./C of doing. so take a hike dunce man.

  5. the question should be, where can you live so that if a crime is committed on you you can get justice. that should be the question. Not in Guyana No Justice for crimes.

  6. How will we know what is going on …….at least we know about the crimes rather than the crimes being hidden like a drug lord run country

  7. You guys need to ask the PPZp blogs,,JAI,GAY!andHUMEndra,,,you all telling lies guyana is safe and nice WOW,,the jack ass ppl like those lying because of a straw will suck on anything to give rise to a dead DICK barrat and company,,we the ppl will rule ,,any thing but Piss piss piss people need comfort,,PNC,,ha ha

  8. What? He was addressing a press conference and making such statements?
    He didn’t/couldn’t say the stories were false!! That is inversely admitting that they are true and yhat the country is crime ridden under his stewardship as Home Affairs Minister!
    I trust that by the time he was finished reading/verbalizing that prepared diatribe all the reporters would’ve left the room!!!!

  9. Guyana is crime ridden. I am appalled at the senseless killing. It was my dream to re migrate to my native land but, I am fearful for my life.


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