Rohee admits to lack of proper supervision at Police Stations

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

[]There are shortcomings in the management and supervision of police stations. This was admitted by Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee who noted that the issue is a major one that his Ministry is faced with.

When questioned on the matter on Monday, January 20, Minister Rohee said “At everyone of the graduating classes of the force, I make reference to this question of supervision because I know that this is one of the weak areas at the Guyana Police Force – Supervision.”

The lack of qualified officers to supervise stations has resulted in many junior ranks acting out of their jurisdiction. However, according to Rohee, his ministry will continue to work to rectify the situation.

The concerns about supervision arose, following reports that junior ranks of the Timehri Police Station sexually abused and assaulted a detainee.

“We will have to continue at the policy level saying these things over and over again like a mantra but you know there will always be people who will not give a swat about things coming out of politicians’ out…it will come back to haunt them,” Rohee said.

The Police Force loses an average of 200 ranks per year and many of them are qualified and experienced. This has left a vacuum in the middle management of the Guyana Police Force.



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