Rogue Police elements were a threat to GECOM’s Gunraj in 2020 – ACP Thomas

Attorney Sase Gunraj, GECOM Commissioner. [File Photo]

Former Commander of Region Four Police Division Edgar Thomas today testified under cross examination that while at the Ashmin’s building, he had feared for the life and safety of GECOM Commissioner Sase Gunraj, from rogue elements of the Police Force.

Thomas, now Assistance Commission of Police, was questioned by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes during the elections Commission of Inquiry (CoI).

Hughes, who is representing former GECOM Deputy CEO Roxanne Myers, used the session to cross examine Thomas and other witnesses who previously implicated his client.

“After my colleagues would have enter the Ashmin’s Building with their firearm, I know that definitely…I am unable at that time to protect the life of Mr. Sase Gunraj.

“After my colleagues, police officers, would have entered the Ashmin’s Building, heavily armed, I would have said to Mr. Gunraj that I can no longer protect his safety…because I’m no longer in control of the operation.”

Attorney Hughes then pointedly asked, “You were under the impression that the armed policemen were a threat to the life of Mr. Gunraj?”  to which ACP Thomas said, “yes, because I consider that rogue…definitely.”

Thomas explained that during the Region Four tabulation process, ranks of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) entered Ashmin’s Building without him summoning them.

He also noted that he complained about the actions of these officers to his superior at the time, Deputy Commissioner Maxine Graham.

After Thomas left the stand, the then American Chamber of Commerce accredited observer Rosalinda Rasul backed up her previous testimony regarding Myers.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Gunraj himself will be testifying before the COI on Thursday.