Roger Khan calls for clean, impartial investigation into Fagundes’ assassination

L-R: Roger Khan and Ricardo Fagundes
L-R: Roger Khan and Ricardo Fagundes

…Police says “comprehensive” probe being conducted

Shaheed Roger Khan, convicted by a US court of drug smuggling, broke his silence on Monday with regards the execution of his close associate, 42-year-old Ricardo Fagundes also called “Paper Shorts” who was gunned down two Sundays ago at Main Street, Georgetown.

Khan claimed that the Police had not been diligently investigating the apparent execution, in which he was the actual target, and called for the authorities to ensure there will be a “clean and impartial” probe.

Fagundes was given an emotional send-off on Monday where several of his family, friends and close associates paid their last respects. It was during the funeral service at Guyana Motor Racing and Sport Club (GMR&SC), Thomas Land, Georgetown that Khan made the damning revelation that he was the intended target on the night Fagundes was killed.

Khan also claimed that the present investigation has been compromised. “This assassination has a particular signature to it. Especially in the light of the police posture over the past week…This car parked yards away, feet away from the Prime Minister’s Residence and the President’s Residence. Over 40 high caliber rounds were fired killing this boy… Yet, the Guyana Police Force has not considered this crime a major crime investigation.”

Meanwhile, shortly after Khan made his statement, the Police refuted that the murder investigation has been comprised.

“This incident is being treated with every seriousness and alacrity spearheaded by investigators of the Force’s Major Crimes Unit. This is a fact of which Roger Khan is well aware, since during the ensuing investigations he has been personally questioned by two ranks of the Unit in the presence of his lawyer; following which he had voluntarily given a written statement,” the police said in a statement.

The Police also rubbished allegations that members of the Force have been intimidating and harassing family members of the victim and their supporters during the investigations.

“The Guyana Police Force is assuring the general public that a comprehensive investigation is being conducted into the death of Ricardo Fagundes and all leads are being followed with the aim of bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

Fagundes, a popular gold dealer and biker, was executed on March 21, 2021, on Main Street, Georgetown. It was reported that the now dead man was partying with a group of friends when his phone rang. Due to the noise, he reportedly exited a club to take the call. As he reportedly stepped out, two men opened fire on him.

He was reportedly shot about 15 times. As his friends and other patrons heard the gunshots, they ran out to investigate but instead, they found Fagundes’ lying motionless in a pool of blood next to his car.

Following the incident, Police recovered several spent shells from a high-powered rifle at the scene. A few hours later, a video surfaced which showed that two men exited a white wagon and opened fire on Fagundes after which they reentered and the car fled the scene.

A car that is similar to the one that fled the scene was found burnt at Swan, Soesdyke/Linden Highway. Following the discovery, the police stated that forensic tests will have to be conducted on the vehicle to determine if it was the same car that was used in the execution of Fagundes.