Rodney COI reconvenes; Eusi Kwayana takes the stand



By Kurt Campbell

Eusi Kwayana. [iNews' Photo]
Eusi Kwayana. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Dr. Walter Rodney’s close friend and Co-Founder of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Eusi Kwayana took the stand today (Tuesday, May 27) as the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) convened its second session which will last until June 6.

Kwayana while recapping mostly from his 20 page statement said it was his belief that Rodney, who was killed by an explosive device concealed in a ‘walkie talkie’ on June 13, 1980 knew what he was carrying.

The man, who has written a book which reflects his close working relationship with Rodney also expressed the belief that the state and elements thereof could be tied to the alleged crime, which was to bomb the Camp Street Prison, since the guards and mobile patrol were removed, making the scene more hospitable.

“In my mind it is average common sense,” the 89 year told said.

He spoke of the political and criminal atmosphere during the period leading up to Rodney’s death.

He defended the late politician and historian against the statement he had made which called for the removal of the then government by any means necessary, which included violence. It was alleged that Rodney was at the time collecting arms and ammunition to aid him in his quest to oust the then PNC government.

Kwayana claimed he found a speech Rodney had made and said while Rodney threatened violence, it was political rhetoric.

“No one from the WPA has ever been accused of bloodshed or wounding, we weren’t violent, and we don’t have such a record or have ever been accused of that,” he added.

Kwayana will continue his testimony tomorrow where his statement will be expended on and dissected by the Commission..

Today also Rodney’s younger brother Edward Rodney completed his testimony where he was crossed examined by Attorney-at-Law Basil Williams representing the PNC’s interest, Andrew Pilgrim representing the interest of the Rodney family and Keith Scotland who represents Rodney’s brother Donald Rodney.



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