Rodney COI: Kwayana asserts State’s involvement in Rodney’s death

Chairman of the Commission, Sir Richard Cheltenham (right) along with other Commissioners. [iNews' Photo]

By Kurt Campbell

[] – Close Friend of Dr Walter Rodney and Co – Founder of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Eusi Kwayana has joined preceding witnesses at the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI), professing that the then Government – the People’s National Congress (PNC) – was involved in the late Politician and Historian’s death.

Eusi Kwayana
Eusi Kwayana

Kwayana reasoned that firstly Sergeant Gregory Smith who handed the device to Rodney which later exploded killing him should be ultimately held responsible for Rodney’s death.

He went on to contend that he did not think Smith was acting on his own, adding that the protection which was afforded to Smith following the incident shows state involvement.

“The state has never gone to that extent to protect a private criminal from the process of the law… Gregory was not politician, he was an agent under orders,” he said, adding that “he had to have received orders from someone he was bound to obey.

The 89 – year – old recalled the Head of the Armed Forces [Police Commissioner, Chief of Staff] visiting the Sophia base of the PNC where they ‘swore allegiance’ during PNC congress.  COI

In this regard, he surmised that these agencies, having any involvement in Rodney’s death could have also been working with orders from the government since they were “agencies of obedience to the Government.”

Kwayana was crossed examined by PNC Attorney – at – Law, Basil Williams who attempted to point out that persons from within the Party could have been involved in Rodney’s death without the leadership of the Party knowing, who was at that time LFS Burham.

Williams also sought to point out that Kwayana’s claims were mainly assertions and there was no clear definitive evidence that the State was involved.

However, Kwayana insisted that based on the evidence available to him, it clearly shows the State’s involvement.

He also rejected claims that the WPA’s main objective was to remove the PNC from government using force and that arms and ammunition was being brought into the country illegally for that purpose.

The COI continues today, Friday, May 30 and among other things will inquire who or what was responsible for the explosion that led to Rodney’s death, whether it was an accident or an act of terrorism and the role of some persons and agencies, if any, in his death.




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