Robbery suspects arrested after prompt response from police


Two robbery suspects have been arrested following prompt response from ranks of the Fort Wellington Police Station who responded to a report made by a family of Number 11 Village, West Coast Berbice.

The incident occurred at around 21:15hrs on Thursday.

Reports are that a woman contacted the Police Station and claimed that she and her family were in their yard when they observed two unidentifiable men trying to gain entry into the compound. In fact, one of the suspects succeeded.

Ranks responded promptly and on arrival at the scene, they were informed that the suspects made good their escape.

At around 22:34hrs that evening, ranks on patrol received another call from the family who informed that both men had returned. The family managed to apprehend one of the suspects who was taken into police custody when the officers arrived.

That suspect had a metal pipe in his possession.

Further, acting on information received, police ranks went in search of the second perpetrator.

Upon seeing the suspect, he attempted to run away, resulting in the ranks giving chase.

Police said the suspect, realising he was cornered, turned around and began advancing “menacingly” towards an officer. Police said the suspect was armed with an unknown weapon at the time.

As such, a shot was discharged in his direction, to which the suspect turned around and attempted to scale a fence.

The rank gave chase and apprehended the suspect who had a wood in his hand. The wood measured 2ft with several nails to one end.

The suspect was escorted him to the police vehicle where it observed what appeared to be blood to the suspect’s left side body.

The suspect was escorted to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor and admitted a patient in a stable condition, under police guard.

The wood was lodged along with the firearm, ammunition and spent cartridge.

Investigations are in progress.