Road carnage is “not a political issue” – Jagdeo


With the significant increase in deaths on Guyana’s roadways in recent time, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo stated that the situation is not a political one in nature and recommended that all stakeholders should contribute towards finding a comprehensive solution.

For the month of November, 21 persons, including three children, died from road accidents. A closer review showed that for last week, 12 persons lost their lives in a matter of 7 accidents and the fatalities have continued into this week. As such, the Opposition Leader stated during his press conference on Thursday that an integrated approach is needed to effectively bring this number down.

“This is not a political issue. We have to work… everyone on this matter – Government, Opposition etc. There is carnage on our roads and we have to find a way of stopping it. We don’t have all the answers and I’m sure they don’t too,” he positioned.

He also asserted that those culpable must take responsibility for their actions. Meanwhile, Jagdeo clarified that if any political party promises to lower these statistics, it is untrue since a collective approach is required.

“It’s a combination of education, strong regulations, taking tough actions and people have to take responsibility too. People have to take personal responsibility for these issues because sometimes, you have one crazy person. Any [political] party that says to you that they can stop this will be lying to you,” he expressed.

His comments come in light of President David Granger’s response to the increased carnage, outlining a three-point approach for road safety. Road users were urged to observe the Guyana Police Force’s code of behaviour.

The president further pointed out that the “insane increase in road fatalities” was due to persons driving at excessive speeds, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without due care and attention and driving on roads which are congested or unsafe for other road users, particularly pedestrians.