Rim Kings unbeatable on opening night of Mackeson game

Action during the Sunday night’s game.
Action during the Sunday night’s game.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Rim Kings played undefeated on the opening night of the Mackeson ‘King of the Rim’ 3-on-3 tournament going 4-0 in the night’s action at the Albouystown tarmac.

The Rim Kings during their onslaught of the competition were also the first team to reach the winning 21 point mark by defeating Target 21-17 in the best game of the evening.

The three teams that lost to the Rim Kings were Rockers (19-9), Knights (11-7) and the Rim Rockers (16-6).

Target was the next team to win the most games with three wins and one loss. Their loss was to Rim Kings while they defeated Knights (6-5) and Rim Rockers (17-10). Their third win came as a walkover against California Square.

The Knights were the only other team to win on the evening with two wins and two losses. Their two wins game against Rim Rockers with final scores of 11-4 and 10-7 respectively. Their losses came against Rim Kings and Target.


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